5 Best Free HTML Code Editor As A Beginners

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When you are searching for the best free HTML code editor as a beginner. It is much more difficult to make a decision on which editor is best for you. More than 30 code editors are available on the Internet, most are free few are paid. Here I am going to give you clear information on which HTML code editor is best for you. And also tell you which editor I use when I learned to code.

Best HTML code Editor for Beginners.

  1. Bracket
  2. Atom
  3. Visual Studio Code
  4. Notepad ++
  5. Sublime Text

What Is A Code Editor?

Code editors are most likely normal text editors, that are specially designed for writing a particular program with more advanced features. Special code editors come with auto-complete, spelling mistakes, syntax errors, and search function features. The most important part of any special code editor is a real-time live preview.

What did HTML Code Editors do?

Well, any default text editor like Notepad (On Windows) or TextEdit (On Mac) can be used to write HTML code as a beginner. I recommend you normally use these default text editors as a newbie. It is a good practice for new coders. It will help you to better understand the syntax and easy to remember the syntax.

HTML Editors are specially optimized for checking spelling mistakes, errors in syntax, and autocomplete features, especially for searching, finding, and replacing your code. It saves developers lots of time and effort.

And I repeat as a new always use a normal text editor to write HTML.

Why Do You Need an HTML Editor?

Here you can ask one question. If normal text editors can write HTML code, why do you use the specific HTML editor? As earlier say specific editors come with basic inbuilt features. It helps developers with less effort.

  • Autocomplete – Most editors provide autocomplete features that help to automatically complete the full syntax.
  • Spelling Mistakes – We all make spelling mistakes, code editors can check out your spelling mistakes and can correct them automatically.
  • Syntax Error – Sometimes you made mistakes in syntax, editors send you a hint to recheck the code.
  • Live Preview – Most of the editors offer a live preview option. You can see the output of your code in real-time.
  • Theme And Color -By default White background and black color make your mind boring. Editors come with different theme colors. And highlight the syntax of different variations of colors.
  • Search – Html editors have search functionality, That helps you to easily find your code between Thousands of lines.

How To Save an HTML File?

  1. Save the HTML file in “.html” or “.htm” format.
  2. Save type as “All Files”.
  3. Choose the Folder or Path you want to save this file.
  4. After choosing the folder click on the Save button.

Type Of Code Editors

Two types of HTML editors are available on the Internet: the WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) and another Text base editor. In this article, we are talking about the best Text-based HTML editor.

  1. WYSIWYG Editors
    • The WYSIWYG stands for What You See is What You Get. Basically, these editors come with drag and drop features. This editor is very helpful for those guys who do have not enough knowledge of HTML.
    • Simply by drag and drop, you can create HTML pages. But using drag and drop features you don’t have freedom or any extra personalized options.
    • These editors also have textbase coding options if need any extra freedom or personalized option you can use textual features.
  2. Textual HTML Editors
    • Textual HTML editors are normally text editors as we already say these are specially optimized for coding. If you want to use them you should have enough knowledge of HTML. Here is the list of the best HTML code editors.

List Of Best HTML Code Editor

1. Brackets

When talking about the best HTML editor. Brackets are the first name that comes to mind. This editor was developed by Adobe and released in June 2012. Brackets is a lightweight, modern, open-source, code editor focused on visual tools. It satisfies all requirements. The Bracket comes with a very easy user interface.

This is an awesome editor for front-end developers and web designers. It has lots of features that you may also love when using it.

HTML code editor

Why you should use Brackets?

  1. Live Preview – This text editor is very famous for the live preview option. It makes a real-time connection with your browser. Means making changes with your HTML, and CSS files and seeing the output in real-time. These features increase the developer’s workflow. That is because developers love Brackets.
  2. Preprocessor Support – This Editor also supports CSS preprocessor SCSS and LESS which make faster your workflow.
  3. Powerful Extensions – This editor comes with thousands of amazing powerful extensions which makes this editor more beautiful and powerful.

2. Sublime Text

There is another name called Sublime Text. This can be your best choice because it is very lightweight and has cross-platform support, which means it can run on Windows OS, MAC OS, and also run on Linux. If your System configuration is low then you can try this editor.

This editor is very useful for newbies, and it is easy to understand for all.

sublime text
Sublime Text

Why you should use sublime text?

Sublime text has some cool features that attract developers’ attention.

  1. Goto Anything – Goto Anything functions provide smart options, You can easily open any file(ctrl + p). And jump to any symbols, lines, or words.
  2. lightweight – Sublime text is a lightweight code editor which can be installed in low configuration computers.
  3. Theme and Colors – This lightweight HTML code editor comes with more attractive themes and colors. That attracts your attention to writing code.

3. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free open source light-weight code editor not for only HTML and CSS, its supports other coding languages. This editor is used by millions of users worldwide.

All developers are already known about Notepad++ because of its simple beginner-friendly interface. every beginner starts with it. It offers auto-completion and customizable Interface and multi-window view options.

Notepad++ is available only for windows users.

notepad plus plus

4. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code comes with a classic look and a simple user interface. This editor was developed by Microsoft. And it is supported across all platforms.

Like all other editors, it also provides auto-completion and other smart features that help you fast coding. And it also provides you with a live preview. Not only for HTML it can be used for other languages.

visual studio
Visual Studio Code

5. Atom

Atom is a free, open-source lightweight code editor that comes in 2014. It was developed by the Git-hub team and it is still maintained by the git-hub community. Atom is available across all platforms, it can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. like all other editors it also provides autocomplete and syntax highlighting features, and more.

This editor comes with 8000+ installable packages and 1000+ themes for better user experiences. It completely fulfilled developers’ needs.

atom editor

Why You Should Use Atom?

  1. Cross-platform Support – Atom works on all operating systems. You can use it on OS X, Linux, and windows also.
  2. Smart autocompletion – Atom gives us smart auto-complete features like all other editors.
  3. Find and Replace – Atom has an awesome feature called to find and replace. It is similar to the ms word find and replace function. It allows us to easily find and replace our code.
  4. Packages – Atom gives us permission to add custom packages. This will help us to add more functionality and features.
    • Teletype – The package allows you to share your code with your team members in real-time.
    • Atom-clock – Atom clock displays a clock on the status bar.
    • Atom beautify – Atom beautify makes your code clean, It deletes all unnecessary spaces.
    • Kite – Kite is an AI-powered smart auto-complete plugin for python and javascript, It shows the right information.

Chapter summary

  • Code editors are specially designed for a particular language with advanced features.
  • There are two types of HTML code editors on the internet. WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) and another Text base editor.
  • To save an HTML File you have to save the file with the “.htm” or “.html” extension.

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