Howdy, Coders!

Thank You for visiting my site. Where i shared my all learning and experienced in coding.


My name is Ashim Khatua. I am the founder of this site and also a Web Developer since 2015. I share all my knowledge and experience in my blog( Which I earned in past few years.

I never go to any coding institute to learn coding. Reading Books, Blogs, and watching YouTube videos are only sources for my learning. I love to share my knowledge to help others. I create my site( to share my all learnings and improve my own knowledge.

I complete my graduation in 2018. But I started to learn coding after my Higher Secondary in 2015. It is a good decision to learn coding with your general degree. That makes you extraordinary.

I think coding skill is necessary to all in 21st century.


Ashim Khatua(Author)